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What was the thinking behind our latest product optical gimbal camera launch?
As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and service of high-end photoelectric pod systems, we have been constantly striving to develop and improve our products. After releasing single-light and dual-light pods, we developed a new Tri-light pod-TM2510.

TM2510 is a 3-axis high-precision UAV optoelectronic pod with three sensors and is deeply integrated and optimized.

TM2510 has a SONY 2.5K camera, a 25mm lens 640*512 (12μm) infrared thermal sensor, and a laser rangefinder that can measure 15-2000 kilometers.

Three-axis gimbals provide stability in yaw, roll, and pitch. The integrated design of the damping system and universal joint can greatly reduce mechanical vibration. It has the characteristics of fast focusing, lightweight, easy to use, and anti-interference.

Here, I need to introduce, what is a drone pod?

In September 2018, the 62nd meeting of the World Customs Organization's Coordinated System Committee (HSC) decided to classify drones as "flying cameras." Drones are often better suited for missions that are too "dumb, dirty or dangerous" compared to manned aircraft, and gimbal cameras are just what drones need. It greatly expands the uses of the drone itself. It can be used in aerial photography, agriculture, express transportation, disaster relief, surveying and mapping, and other fields.

The UAV photoelectric pod is generally composed of a visible light camera, an infrared movement, a signal processing unit, an image compression unit, a stabilizing platform unit, etc. It is used for surveillance, photography and video equipment mounted on a drone, which can achieve all-weather tracking, photography and monitoring of long-distance targets.

Common technology types: infrared thermal imaging technology, digital image processing technology, and dynamic target tracking technology.

Technical features: high resolution, long detection distance, high-temperature accuracy, etc.

Mode: White Hot/Black Hot/Rainbow/Iron Red/Hot Iron

Functions: Detect multiple targets (static or dynamic) at the same time; realize thermal imaging mode AI detection and tracking; obstacle recognition to maintain the continuity of target locking; real-time analysis of infrared images; realize autonomous optical zoom, etc.

Features: Positioning, tracking, temperature measurement, ranging, high definition, lightweight, interchangeable lens, waterproof, shockproof and anti-shake, high-precision stabilization.

Applicable equipment: vertical take-off and landing fixed wing, multi-rotor real aircraft, etc.

UAV pod operating principle:

PTZ: Supports angle and angular velocity control.

Network port: Obtain image data.

Serial port: Control the gimbal for angle and angular velocity control.

Camera lens module: color image sensor.

Functions of the pod used with drones:

  1. It can patrol and monitor day and night, can take visible light and infrared cameras, and supports background intensity and image motion compensation functions. It can take high-definition photos to collect evidence and store them;
  2. It can detect dynamic and static targets on the ground at long distances, supports target locking and tracking, has a laser ranging function, and can provide accurate position coordinates of tracking targets;
  3. It can realize the identification, classification and tracking of multiple targets on the ground, and has an early warning function based on target characteristics, which can expand the ability to detect air targets;
  4. It can be integrated with the GPS or PGIS system equipped on the helicopter to accurately provide dynamic geographical information of the target and assist the ground command center in command and dispatch;
  5. Images and other information can be transmitted to the ground data processing center in real-time through line-of-sight image transmission equipment or satellite communication equipment to monitor ground activities;
  6. It has on-board operating equipment and a friendly human-machine interface, making it easy to operate and complete relevant tasks;
  7. Adapt to the airborne installation environment, the system structure is reliable, easy to disassemble and assemble, has dustproof, fog-permeable and waterproof functions, supports image suppression and optimization, and can operate normally in high and low-temperature environments;
  8. The entire system supports interconnection and has scalability.

Therefore, whether it is building inspection, industrial surveying or tourism aerial photography, our pod can achieve the above functions very well.

Hybrid Triple Sensors

A hybrid-sensor solution born to lead the industry.Zoom camera, thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder, and wide-angle camera collaborate efficiently to detect heat sources, while measuring distance to targets, capturing clearer pictures, and having a broad view.

High Resolution Thermal imaging Full-Screen/Point-Anywhere Temperature Measuring

TM2510 Triple-sensor gimbal camera carries a 640 x 512 resolution thermal imaging sensor of 25 mm focal length and 30 frames per second. Vision is wide and far. Video is smooth and clear. Quick and accurate reactions can be taken as long as abnormal heat source is detected where temperature can be measured by touching on infrared images.

High-Accuracy Laser Rangefinder

TM2510 gimbal camera comes with a 15-2000-meter-rangeand 0.1-m measuring accuracy rangefinder. Sensitive and reliable, can obtain accurate coordinates in real-time in high-risk operation scenarios, helps command decision-making, and ensures safe operation space.

Al Enhanced Smart identify and Tracking

Built-in neural network computing unit, combined with UnionTech's self-developed new Al algorithm, TM2510 gimbal camera will be able to automatically identify people, vehicles, ships, and other moving targets. And through the cooperation of the gimbal attitude control and flight control system, it can realize autonomous identification, positioning, and even continuous tracking. With the automatic zoom function of the visible light camera, the target will always be in the center of the screen and maintain a clear and visible screen ratio.

Professional Comprehensive UAV imaging System

TM2510 is equipped with a 40x hybrid zoom (10x optical zoom) SONY 2.5K 1080P image sensor camera, which captures clear images, fast and accurate algorithms, autofocus viewpoint, and is easy to create magnificent images. Smooth movement, smooth zoom, distant scenery, now within reach.

Limitless Yaw Axis Rotation Upgraded Quick Release and Anti-Vibration

The yaw axis of  TM2510 gimbal rotates limitlessly, which captures 360 degrees around. Welcome to follow us for updates!

High-Precision FOC Motor Control Algorithms

Control the current component of the motor, separately control the torque and magnetic field, thereby achieving decoupling control of the brushless motor and greatly reducing screen jitter.

Don’t worry, the TM2510 is too bulky. It weighs only 600g and will not put a big burden on your drone.

If you are interested, please stay follow us for updates.

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